Rainbow Fairy

I love anything creative and I’m kinda crazy for Ice cream so put those two together and you’re going to have one very excited me.

This is my submission for the Summer of Color 2, where we will be taking a prompt based on an ice cream color and running with it!

Our prompt this week was rainbow sherbet and I originally thought of only using only the prompt colors( orange, white and pink) but changed my mind as I worked on this more.

I drew up and  painted the rainbow fairy and then cut her out and did the same for her wings. The background was painted in the same acrylics that I used on the fairy and I’ve added a little colored pencil and black marker pen here and there, where I thought it was needed.

This is the first time I’ve ever layered papers and I kinda like the way it made the figure pop out a little from the background. As a last touch I glued on bits of fabric in the colors and also added some rainbow sprinkles to the wings.

I’m eager to see all of the fantastic art that is linked up on Sunday. I know I’m loving what everyone has come up with so far!

And I also can’t wait to see what our next color prompt is. 🙂

(Don’t forget it’s not to late to join us if you’d like to.)

23 thoughts on “Rainbow Fairy

  1. Gorgeous fairy and that is wonderful that you had a go at something new. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is much appreciated and it is wonderful to meet you. Hope you have a wonderful time with the color challenge. It sure is fun, isn’t it. 🙂 Have a lovely week x

  2. i really like that you used additional colors in your piece. it works with the different types of media and the layers you used. her hair is perfect. it kind of reminds me of an old fashioned cartoon hair– like wilma flintstone or judy jetson would definitely have had that style– colors and all– at some point in their life…. and looked mahvelous with it! 🙂

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