My Life winebottle

I finally finished painting the second in the trio of wine bottles I’ve been wanting to finish.


You’ll notice I also found a photo editor on the kindle,this is good because the charger on my laptop is broken and I can’t get a new one yet.
I’ve been borrowing my husband’s computer lately but he eorks from home and I do all of my nano stuff on there. It’s tricky but it’s working for now.


Hopefully the blogging from the kindle,posting pictures thing works okay. I’m crossing fingers for sure!
This bottle is titled My Life and it is supposed to go with the Love bottle at the top. Next on the list is Loyalty and sealing these last two. 🙂


Sharing these at the friday paint party:

11 thoughts on “My Life winebottle

  1. How fun to paint on wine bottles! I’ve never seen this before, and imagine it’s a challenge.
    Especially love the heart with wings! 🙂

    • Thanks Mary! It’s a little challenging- I want to use these dedigns again but on canvas bags. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the details neater on a flat surface. 🙂

    • Well I took the photos on my not smart phone and emailed them to my kindle fire.I have a wordpress app and now a photo editor, I like using them but the photos I took are a little wonky. My fault not the apps. 🙂

    • Thanks Tracey! Yeah,I’m not dure if they are everyone’s taste but they take the same space as a tall vase would and I think with simple patterns done they might be easier to work with too. I didn’t do this myself but in the future I’d lightly sand the bottles before applying paint! 🙂

    • Thanks Carol! I want to explore Mexican folk art more- you’d think I grew up with it but no…my mother was/is a lover of pastels and artwork featuring swan filled ponds and cottages. I might be rebeling 😉

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