A finished mermaid

I finished my little mermaid on the 27th and just remembered that I hadn’t posted her. She is mixed media- some acrylic,some marker and a little colored pencil, plus bits of tissue paper in the background. The eyes aren’t as good as I’d like them to be but I’m not going to be killing myself over that.  I hope to do loads of mermaids this summer so here’s to getting better with practice!

A close up of my mermaid’s face……she needs a name. Maybe Audriana? Maybe not I’m still thinking about it.

5 thoughts on “A finished mermaid

  1. I love your art page! I must go back and find the follow button. I’m glad you enjoyed the sample of “Searching for My Wand” and hope you get to finish it soon. The second book should be available soon too.

  2. Bridget! Thank you for coming by- I did enjoy it very much and look forward to finishing it soon.:) I’m very happy that you’ll have another book out soon, can’t wait to see that one.(I’m also kinda in awe of how prolific you are, I was looking through your older posts earlier.)

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